What would a knowledgeable person recommend that you do?

If you have been reading my posts for more than a few weeks, you’ve probably gotten a sense of my approach to how you can meet whatever challenges you have and you’re your best possible life. If you haven’t been reading my posts, I invite you to read some of them now so you can get a sense of my approach.

Once you have a sense of my approach to helping people meet their illness challenges, then whenever you find yourself struggling with your symptoms and concerns, you can ask yourself “What would Tom suggest?”

Or, if there is someone else you know who has given you helpful answers to problems that are similar to the ones you’re facing now, you can ask yourself what that person would suggest.

There is an interesting story that goes with this tip: I came across the idea many years ago while reading Geoff Bellman’s book, “The Consultant’s Calling: Bringing Who You Are to What You Do.” Geoff is a highly regarded organization development consultant. In his book, he tells a story about a client who had made a series of decisions in her job that had worked out very well, and she gave him the credit. She said that for each decision, she asked herself “what would Geoff suggest that I do?” In response, Geoff congratulated her, and then he let her know her decisions were actually better and more innovative than the suggestions he would have given if she had actually asked him for them.

Chances are good that you will come up with some really good ideas for dealing with whatever challenges you currently have, maybe even better than ideas I would give you.

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