Become a Medical Researcher

Many people with chronic illnesses have symptoms that are very difficult to live with. If you are one of them, here’s a suggestion for you: become a medical researcher, and investigate your disease and its symptoms.

The fact is that you already are a medical researcher. I’m sure you’ve learned what things to avoid, which may be certain foods, stress, cold weather, chemicals or cosmetics, etc. What I’m suggesting here is that you make your research more formal. Make a chart and track and record your symptoms, and do it often enough so that you don’t miss significant changes. I recommend that you also record the different factors you think may cause your symptoms to get better or worse.

Once you’re tracking your symptoms, you can experiment by trying different things, one at a time, and see whether your symptoms get better, get worse, or stay the same. There are lots of different things you can evaluate, from meditating, changing your diet, and trying differing natural treatments. You can get lots of ideas of things to try by doing some searching on the internet. I recommend that you do this in partnership with your doctor or healthcare provider.

As you probably know, most medical research in the United States is funded by drug companies, and since their goal is to make money, they won’t test things that don’t have the potential to be profitable if they turn out to be effective.

You, on the other hand, don’t have that restriction. Your sole goal is to get better, so you can try things that the vast majority of medical researchers never will, even though they have the potential to improve people’s symptoms, health, and quality of life significantly.

You can’t expect everything you try to help, but it’s very possible that some of the things you try will help a lot. And as a life coach for people with chronic illnesses for over seven years, I have found that people’s quality of life gets better as they take a more and more active role in lessening their symptoms and improving their health. I’m confident yours will too.

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Tom Robinson helps people suffering with chronic illnesses stop struggling, and then he helps them find true happiness and joy – even when they don’t think there’s any to be found.

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