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My own experience with Crohn’s disease – a painful and difficult years-long struggle that I won when my disease finally went into remission – is what gave me the understanding of what it’s like to live with a chronic illness, and how best to overcome it. This understanding is the foundation I draw on to serve my clients. In addition, from my experience with my chronic illness I came to some basic beliefs which underlie how I coach people with chronic illnesses.

My Chronic Illness Coaching Philosophy

I believe that people with chronic illnesses -- just like everyone else – can have extraordinary lives. Along with that, I believe that no matter how ill people are, they can still make a difference to their families, their communities, and the world.

I believe that significant improvements in quality of life often happen in small steps. The chronically ill can, especially through being heard, understood, and encouraged, take one small step, then another, and another, resulting in larger changes and bigger gains than they had thought possible.

I believe that the chronically ill do best when they take charge of their own health and disease management. No matter how good and caring a health practitioner is, it’s not his or her body or quality of  life that’s at stake. So I strongly recommend that people with chronic illnesses learn as much as they can about their illnesses and work in partnership with their health care providers.

What Working With Me is Like

I’ve been told I’m a very good, compassionate listener. I listen to both what my clients say, and what’s between the lines, to learn about them: the things that matter to them, their fears, the problems and limitations they face because of their illness, what they’ve learned about life through their illness, and their hopes and dreams for the future. Then I brainstorm with them to figure out ways to get from where they are to where they want to be. No problem is too big (or too small) for us to work toward empowering solutions.

Why Choose Me as Your Chronic Illness Coach

What I offer is effective and compassionate coaching (click here to read what clients and others have said about me) from someone who is living well while dealing with a chronic illness. I know the hell of having a serious chronic illness and have learned a great deal about finding and using different resources and medical treatments to make progress and get well. I’ve also learned how important it is to have a life that isn’t just about having an illness, but is fulfilling and meaningful. I am committed to using that knowledge and experience, and my coaching skills, to help and support those with chronic illnesses.

But my coaching isn’t about me; my coaching is always about a collaboration with the client – to together reestablish a sense of control, positive expectation, and joy in living.

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