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For many people, having a chronic illness can be a constant struggle. Not only do you have difficult and painful symptoms, but you're often not able to do the things you used to do easily. And more often than not, no one, including the people closest to you, just don't understand what living with a chronic illness is like for you. On top of that, you likely face an uncertain future and the anxiety that brings.

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With all these daunting and often overwhelming challenges, it can easily feel like living under a dark cloud all the time. It can be really hard to see how to have any sunlight or hope.

And frankly, there often haven't been effective ways to get out from under that dark cloud. Doctors aren't trained and don't know how to provide the emotional guidance and support people with chronic illnesses need to do that. Psychologists and therapists don't understand what living with a chronic illness is like, and they often say: just accept it or get over it. They have no idea how unhelpful that advice is. Support group meetings, which can be hard for people with chronic illnesses to get to, often turn into complaint sessions that just perpetuate your struggle.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to greatly reduce struggling and bring much needed sunlight into your life.

But there is something very important I want you to know: For those things to work well, you first need to change how you think about yourself with a chronic illness. If you don't, anything you do will be ineffective or the results from it will be short lived and your struggling and suffering under the dark cloud will continue.

But when you make that change in how you think about yourself, the results you'll get from the other steps you take will likely be greater than you think is possible.

In my report, you will learn what the change is that you need to make about how you think about yourself with a chronic illness is, and how to make it. And then you will learn some very effective things you can do and steps you can take to greatly reduce, and possibly even eliminate your struggling and suffering, and bring a LOT of sunlight into your life.

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